Grad Kraljevo

SOS Children’s Villages – Kraljevo

SOS Children’s Villages has been working in Serbia since the 1970s (when the nation was still essential for previous Yugoslavia). Our work started close to the northern town of Novi Sad, and in 2003 the association started working in focal Serbia, close to Kraljevo. On their site, you can find all the necessary information. It […]

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Kraljevo, the city of seven kings

Kraljevo, a city wherein seven Serbian archaic rulers were delegated, is currently where one can bounce in a hand-made vessel and join “The Merry Race” down the Ibar waterway. Kraljevo, known as “the core of Šumadija“, is the city on three streams, encircled by five mountains and two spas. The largest IT construction services San […]

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Žiča, Serbian Orthodox Monastery

The historical backdrop of the Žiča Monastery in Serbia is basically the narrative of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The amazing cloister is a public image and a spot we frequently talk about, however, which leaves guests stunned. This genuine Orthodox safe-haven stays an image of 800 years of motivation and confidence for the Serbian public, […]

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Valley of the kings

The Ibar gorge, the Valley of the Serbian Kings, the Valley of Centuries, the Lilac Valley, or just, the Ibar Valley is certainly not conventional nor is Ibar a common waterway. Ibar is one of those holy streams that address the image of individuals living there who, around it, make their organic space as the […]

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