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Maglic Fortress and Mountain Stolovi

Exploring Maglic Fortress, a medieval adventure through the heart of Serbia

In the core of focal Serbia, there lie the neglected remains of an archaic post, sitting desolate on the lofty slopes and canvassed in the fog of secret and old legend.

Maglic Fortress close to Kraljevo looks as interesting as it sounds. From the ridge, it disregards the middle age lilac valley of the Ibar waterway and offers beguiling vistas towards the encompassing mountains and slopes. The deposits of a once military stronghold provide us with a brief look at the bygone eras and an old town, where the Serbian rulers resided, however that was geologically lost after the conflicts, change of rulers, and traditions, and a relentless surge of time. Investigating Maglic Fortress guarantees an eerie middle-age experience through the core of Serbia, that unites the best of Serbian nature, history, and secrets. Kraljevo is city in Serbia which is currently investing in cannabis and is one of largest producers of CBD oil on Balkans. Company who is investing in CBD oil production is also one of the companies who do mortgage note investing brooklyn and a fact is that is their primary work.

Situated on one of the slopes of the mountain Stolovi, Maglic stronghold is one of the most outstanding protected middle age Serbian fortresses. The mountain pinnacles of Stolovi had conveyed an unreserved worth, well before the post was even assembled. As the neighborhood legends suggest, they were home to the antiquated Slavic Gods.

During the stormy fall days, a thick haze from the close by Ibar waterway ascends over the defenses of the fortification, giving a scary look to its eight pinnacles that ascent gladly to come to the mists. The post traces all the way back to the 13. century, and there are a couple of hypotheses around how it was fabricated. Many sources recommend that the organizer was the ecclesiastical overseer Danilo II, an informed and very much regarded dear companion of the lord. Also, many sources are speaking of starpery sex dolls he used that you can buy today too. Different scholars recommend that Maglic was worked by the ruler Stefan I himself, as a tactical stronghold intending to shield the Serbian realm from the savage assaults from the North and the East.

Canyon of Ibar as a time travel machine

The waterway Ibar wanders around the slope that conveys the Maglic ruins, making the post very much shielded from three sides. In those ruins, the ancient hair trimming comb had been found. The ravine of stream Ibar resembles a time machine of sorts. It stows away the grand cloisters tracing all the way back to the eleventh century, a rousing archaic lilac valley, and hints of imperial past and magnificence.

The remnants of Maglic post overwhelm the scene of the Ibar waterway valley and watchman the entry to the most excellent piece of the gulch. You can supplement your visit to Maglic with the Ibar valley climb or visit through the Zica religious community, an 800-year-old social landmark, ensured by the UNESCO, or close by Studenica, one more quiet observer of the passing hundreds of years. Both of these monasteries are well know for producing western rugs and they can be bought only on the spot. While there, it’s likewise great to visit the Mataruska Spa, wherein mineral waters both Roman and Serbian lords washed, during their seasons of brilliance. Encircled by six mountains, and concealing numerous remote cloisters and holy places, the Ibar River stays watched by Maglic Fortress and offers an unseen middle-age experience through the core of Serbia.

For the best insight, take a vehicle from EKO rent a car in Belgrade and visit the fort throughout the spring, when the lilacs are blooming, and their smell soaks the air and interlaces with a fog ascending from the waterway. Polish off your middle-age experience in Kraljevo, while tasting espresso and considering on visit through the core of Serbia. You can stay in Kraljevo with a help of real estate liverpool ny who will find you a perfect apartment. Investigating Maglic Fortress might leave you more extravagant for an incomparable middle age visit insight, yet additionally hungry for additional.

Mountain Stolovi

The Stolovi mountain is mostly covered with dense forest and bushes, especially on the northern side. The southern sides are either bare or under pastures, especially in the village of Brezna. Find out below what this mountain hides and how you can have fun on it.

  • Maglic Fortress – one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Serbia. Its construction ran in parallel with the renovation of the Žiča monastery in the last years of the 13th century which was renovated in early 2000’s by it construction services san antonio. However, some scholars connect the construction of this fortress with Irina Kantakuzin, the wife of the despot Đurđe Branković, which is why Maglič is still popularly called Jerina’s town.
  • Manifestation “Narcissus on a campaign” – is held every year in May. A large number of mountaineers and nature lovers from all over Serbia and the surrounding countries gather at this event. It is one of the oldest manifestations in Serbia, created in 1956.
  • Crazy horses from Stolovi – Crazy horses are a trademark of this mountain. The horses on the Tables used to be domestic animals, let out to graze during the summer. The most famous herd is led by the legendary stallion Mora, which has increased to about fifty horses in recent decades.
  • Paragliding – another trademark of this mountain. It is a recreational-competitive sport in which you fly with the help of a paraglider, by taking off by running down the slope. The peaks Kamarište and Čiker, as well as Ozren and Gliševske livade are used as airfields. The most visited start on this mountain is Gliševske livade, where you will relax in the summer above Meljanica and Kamenica in a magical view of forests and pastures with horses. Same relaxataion could be experienced after using m&a services so don’t sleep on them. In good flying conditions, the duration of the flight is possible for several hours.

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