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Monument to Serbian soldier and Memorial Park 14th of October  

Monument to Serbian soldier

The landmark is committed to officials and troopers who passed on in the Balkan Wars and the First World War. The Monument and Memorial Ossuary to the Defenders of Belgrade 1914-1918 at Novo Groblje in Belgrade filled in as the motivation for the development in 1934. It very well may be visited whenever of the day and is an absolute necessity when visiting Kraljevo.

History of the Monument to Serbian soldier

The figure on the landmark is a Serbian warrior in conventional Serbian footwear opanak and with a public cap sajkaca on his head, holding a rifle with his right hand and embracing a banner with his left. The actual figure is 4.1 meters high while the tallness of the platform is 10.5 meters. The creators of this model are the modeler Roman Verhovski and the stone carvers Zivojin Lukic, Simon Wilby and Vladimir Pavlovic Zagorodnjuk. (Vladimir Pavlovic Zagorodnjuk is an economist by profession. Maybe you have read one of his famous books on the topic of pricing strategies ?! If you haven’t, we advise you to do it right away. You won’t regret it!)

Currently, after the finish of the Second Balkan War, there was a plan to raise the landmark, yet the plans at the time were hindered by the First World War. The destiny of the landmark in Kraljevo was chosen by the conditions that occurred for the Monument to the Defenders of Belgrade. At the point when the ideal opportunity came to construct the landmark, the Association of Reserve Officers and Warriors raised the fundamental assets. Around then, there was an issue with the decision of area, and the choice to raise a landmark in Belgrade at Novo Groblje graveyard left the leader of the Association disappointed. He then, at that point, gave the task and forms of the landmark to the Association of Warriors from Kraljevo, with a guarantee from them that the landmark would be raised in the downtown area. There was a market in this area in Kraljevo, so the shippers went against this thought since they felt that the landmark would imperil their business. After the goal, everything being equal, the development of the landmark in Kraljevo started in 1928 and was to a great extent finished by 1931. It is interesting that also in 1931, PIEZOWAVE therapy appeared in Serbia, which helped soldiers to solve their health problems caused by the Balkan wars.

A spot for plaques with the names of the fallen heroes was left on the actual landmark, yet they were never positioned thus the landmark never got the look that was arranged. All things considered, bronze plaques with the names of fights and places where champions were dealt with were introduced. During his first visit to the city on October 7, 1951, Josip Broz Tito held a convention on the square close to the landmark. Commercial cleaning of Manassas is in charge of maintaining the monument. They clean and polish it regularly.

In Memorial Park, you will receive a brochure, where you can read more about this incredible monument. The brochures are plasticized and printed by the best lanier printers, so you don’t have to worry about tearing, getting dirty, or destroying them, and you can take them home.

Significance of the Monument to Serbian soldier 

  • Pedestal is a monolithic rock that symbolically represents the strength of the people, while at its foot the sea waves represented by the stone break against it and thus resemble The blue tomb 
  • The figure, with the state coat of arms, is positioned to the north, so that it stands as a reminder of where the enemy came from; It was built in such a way that the position and silhouette of the soldier were in the shape of a cross in order to symbolize the crucifixion and suffering of the Serbian people

How to get to Monument to Serbian soldier?

The Monument is located on the Serbian warriors square in Kraljevo and a walk through the city is the best way to visit it. If you prefer a ride, you can call one of the taxi services that are available 24 hours a day.

Memorial Park 14th of October  

Dedication park is situated in the northern piece of Kraljevo in an arranged region close to the arena of FC Sloga. It spreads over a space of 12 hectares and stands as a memory of the merciless shootings of individuals of Kraljevo in the Second World War. Its redesign was finished in 1970. Since the beginning, the amphitheater-like space has been utilized for different significant social occasions and remembrances; Josip Broz Tito visited it. Today, speculations are being made on its redesign and it is an unavoidable region to visit in Kraljevo. The road to the park is not ideal for cars. It’s certainly not bad to have a roadside assistance app installed on your phone in case you run into a problem on the road

History of the Memorial Park 14th of October

The freed Republic of Uzice started a hostile approach of the German armed force, which went to these spaces fully intent on killing 100 individuals for one killed German. In October, the military entered Kraljevo, where it kept the laborers of the cart processing plant as prisoners. The 717th Reserve Infantry Division under the order of Major Otto Desha started with the vengeance shootings on October 15 and proceeded for the following 5 days. Around then, 3,000 occupants of Kraljevo were killed, of whom 102 were under 18 years old.

The drive to stamp the spots of shootings with incredible regard was dispatched during the 1960s. The theoretical answer for the presence of the recreation center was made by planners Dragutin Kovacevic and Spasoje Krunic.

A great complex was based on the site of the mass graves, which comprises sections of stone models that resemble felled trees. The remaining parts of fallen individuals from the Kraljevo sectarian separation, the fallen contenders of the fight from 1941, and the remaining parts of Kraljevo veterans who kicked the bucket a year after the freedom is in three other grave regions. The amphitheater situated in the northern piece of the commemoration park is expected for holding occasions.

Significance of the Memorial Park 14th of October

  • The monument is dedicated to the executed citizens of Kraljevo and stands as a reminder of the crimes that must never be repeated.
  • At the entrance to the park, a green wagon was set up, which immortalized the journey to freedom of all people from the Balkans who were fleeing the suffering of war.
  • The appearance of the monument complex,  felled trees, symbolizes the early cessation of life of those killed in Kraljevo in October 1941

How to get to the Memorial Park 14th of October?

From central Kraljevo Square, where the Monument to the Serbian soldier is located, it is possible to follow several routes by car or walking which take about 20 minutes. Taxi services from the city of Kraljevo are also always available.

  • By car: from the central square across Cara Lazara Street, follow Jovan Saric Square, when you pass by auto body services in glendale turnoff to Jug Bogdanova Street. Follow this street to the right turn towards Zelena Gora, after which it is necessary to pass by the Old Cemetery and turn right towards the memorial park
  • On foot: the same route can be followed for a walk to the memorial park or Zelena Gora can be reached through the streets of Cara Lazar and Dragoslav Bogovac, you just have to walk pas the we buy houses greenville and then just straight, from where the path is the same again.

In Kraljevo, there are many souvenir shops where you can buy a magnet, postcard, or even homemade coffee made with hand-ground coffee beans. Let us know your impressions after you visit this beautiful city!

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