Grad Kraljevo

One day in Kraljevo

You have to visit this city, at least for one day. There are so many things to visit and to see. From touring historical sites to eating top quality food in the best restaurants in this city. I will recommend you some things to do, visit and see in Kraljevo.

Start by visiting Square of Serbian Warriors

It may not have the most encouraging of names, but Kraljevo’s most important city square is among the greatest in all of Serbia. One of the largest sundials in Europe stands in its center, a massive bronze statue of a soldier honoring all who perished in the wars between 1912 and 1918. This is the living and breathing center of the city, and all roads lead here. The views from Tourist Pizzeria are especially impressive.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Kraljevo, Serbia
Square of Serbian Warriors

Walk down the street Omladinska

Main square is where everything begins, but a day at Kraljevo inevitably ends on Omladinska road. One of the many thoroughfares leading off from the square, the street of childhood over earns its nickname through a huge array of cafes, restaurants, bars and casinos, where you can bet and where the best betting odds are. The architecture of the street is particularly exceptional, an intriguing mix of old and new which showcases the wide history of Serbian structure.

KRALJEVČANI MUČE MUKU, JEDNA ULICA A DVA IMENA: Pošta im stiže i na Ulicu  kralja Milana

Memorial park

Much of central Serbia was decimated by the German occupation during World War II, and Kraljevo is no different. Hitler attempted to suppress Nazi immunity by promising to take 50 civilians for each wounded German soldier and 100 for one dead Nazi, and he came true with this gruesome guarantee in Kraljevo. Over 2,000 civilians were murdered more than five times on October 21, and also a sombre memorial playground stands in honour of those implemented. Cemetery of shooting citizens in the Second World War.

Spomenik Database | Kraljevo Memorial Park 14th of October
Memorial park

Visit The Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity has stood tall throughout all this background, the town’s oldest building, and its delightful church. The bright yellow construction is not outdated by Serbian church criteria, but it sits proudly as the most seasoned object of architecture in Kraljevo.

The Tourist Organization of Kraljevo
The Church of the Holy Trinity


Kraljevo itself is a nice little town, but its real pull is your monasteries that are around it. Studenica is called the’mother of Serbian monasteries’ for good reason, and its own history is intrinsically linked to that of the Nemanjić Dynasty and Sveti Sava himself. It is surpassed in popularity only by Žiča, only 7km from Kraljevo and also a site of absolute historical significance to Serbia. It was here that the Serbian kings were crowned, and monastic life remains here to this day.

Manastir Žiča - Kraljevo, Sveti Sava, Stefan Prvovenčani
Zica monastery

Finish your day with delicious food

It truly isn’t easy to prevent royalty puns when speaking about Kraljevo, and the town does not make it any simpler with the title of its finest restaurant Mirage, which will be one of Serbia’s finest, a traditional eatery that isn’t afraid to adopt just a bit of contemporary style. It is one of several amazing foodie spots in the city, with quite a few others situated in and around the main square. We recommend Mirage though.

Hrana je odlična, obrok - salate uvek prijaju! - Picture of Mirage  Authentic, Kraljevo - Tripadvisor
Restaurant Mirage