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Reasons Why You Should Visit Sokobanja and Prolom Banja

Sokobanja, a spa set between two mountains, is a true oasis of fresh air with numerous springs of mineral water.

The old legend of mending force of water in Sokobanja talks about the master of Soko graduate (eng. Peddle city) who, in the wake of having fallen off the pony and having harmed himself, was lying and holding on to bite the dust when he out of nowhere heard a sound of water and saw a falcon placing his messed up the wing into the spring.

His wing was mended and the master chose to scrub down in the spring and he in a flash got restored.

The tale about the mending water in the chasm between the mountains Ozren and Rtanj spread around the land.

Sokobanja was likewise referenced by Constantine the Philosopher in the history of Serbian dictator Stefan Lazarević, the Turkish voyager Evliya Çelebi, the Turkish geographer Haji Khalifa, Vuk Karadžić and the explorer Felix Kanitz…

Sokobanja is situated in Southeastern Serbia and it is quite possibly the most well-known spa in Serbia. For hundreds of years it has had a few names – Balnea, Banja (Spa), Velika Banja (Grand Spa), Aleksinačka Banja, Sokol Banja, and in 1859 it was named after the old city of Soko graduate, which was obliterated in 1416.

Its extraordinary situation on the inclines of mountain Ozren and the nearness of Mt. Rtanj adds to its one-of-a-kind qualities.

Sokobanja is set specifically environmental factors of the stream Moravica, Bovan lake (sr. Bovansko jezero), and the biggest cascade in Serbia – Ripaljka. Sokobanja is encircled by various social attractions and authentic landmarks like the antiquated urban areas of Soko graduate, Bovan, and Vrmidža. A precarious bluff with Sokograd, middle age stone fortification, transcends the spa.

The Residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović

The Residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović worked in the nineteenth hundred years, is arranged in the actual focal point of Sokobanja, as well as the “Hamam”, an old Turkish shower, from the fifteenth 100 years.

The Turkish voyager Evliya Çelebi portrayed the Turkish shower as “a great shower, in a decent structure with turrets covered with lead, with drinking fountain and spaces for washing”. There is moreover “a ladies’ shower with heated water that should be blended in with cold water prior to being utilized”. At the time visitors from Turkey and the Middle East visited this spa.

Sokobanja is plentiful in normal corrective thermal mineral springs and gas. Unadulterated mountain air and a gentle mainland environment add to its prevalence. Sokobanja is notable for the counteraction and treatment of various infections.

Nonetheless, Sokobanja will offer you loads of sports and amusement exercises. Tennis, football, ball courts, and various sporting focuses will address every one of your issues for amusement and dynamic excursion.

Rich hunting grounds on the slants of the close by mountains and the Moravica waterway, Bovan, and Vrmidžan lakes have large amounts of fish, in this way offering remarkable potential outcomes to everybody searching for a dynamic get-away.

Adventurists have various climbing visits and visits to caves available to them. The entire year Sokobanja has various social and workmanship appearances, for example, “Prva harmonika Srbije” (The First Accordion of Serbia), craftsmanship state “Sokograd” and “Banjsko kulturno leto” (Cultural Summer in Spa).

Today Sokobanja is perhaps of the most visited objective in Serbia and it is viewed as one of the seven most alluring vacationer locations in Serbia.

What makes Sokobanja an ideal objective that represented considerable authority in treatment and restoration is the valuable impact on the mainland environment, high centralization of oxygen, ozone, and negative particles in the air, nonappearance of air pollution, a modest number of hazy and breezy days, and the presence of explicit components in the air and oligomineral waters.

How to get to the healing Sokobanja?

The biggest urban communities close to Sokobanja are Aleksinac (30 km), Boljevac (27km), and Knjaževac (47km). Sokobanja is associated with the Belgrade-Niš interstate through Aleksinac and through it to the wide range of various areas of Serbia.

Niš is just 60 km from the spa, and from the Bus station in Niš outings to Soko Banja are successive. Belgrade is 240km from the spa, and there are likewise many means of transport towards it from the Belgrade bus stop.

Just 2 km from the Sokobanja is the middle age Soko graduate (eng. Peddle city) otherwise called Sokolac.

Mineral water from Prolom Banja (eng. Prolom spa), due to its healing properties and absence of color and smell, is nowadays bottled and sold in the entire region.

Prolom Banja is situated in the city of Kuršumlija, in Southern Serbia, at the foot of the mountains Radan and Sokolovica, 290 kilometers from Belgrade. At 630 meters above ocean level, it is one of the spas with the most noteworthy elevation.

It was named after the adjoining town of Prolom, while its springs have been utilized since the old times. During Turkish rule, this spa was deserted and neglected. After World War II, individuals have gotten the news of the wonderful recuperation of one of its patients, and the number of guests increased.

It is honored with a gentle mainland environment with a lot of mid-year days in Serbia (82 days), lower moistness, and calm breezes. Its lavish vegetation significantly affects human life forms and insusceptible framework.

As per the examination, mineral waters in Prolom Banja are an uncommon kind of water with high balneological esteems consequently being utilized for an extensive variety of medicines. Its principal attributes are alkalinity, presence of ozone and silicon acids, as well as low centralization of fluorine (under 0,2 mg/l). This water can be drunk in limitless sums.

Water from Prolom Banja has no smell or taste and it is utilized for the treatment of sicknesses of the stomach-related framework, cardiovascular illnesses, neurological and respiratory infection, illnesses of the urinary lot, gynecological problems, skin illnesses, paleness, and conditions after wounds.

Corrective mud, made by blending the warm water and soil from around the spring “Pupavci”, is utilized for mud showers and mud wraps for medicines for dermatological illnesses, varicose veins, ailments, and a few prostate sicknesses.

Different sorts of amusement exercises are available to guests at Prolom Banja. Djavolja varoš (eng. Demon’s Town), a novel put on earth with enchanted stone figures, is found 11 kilometers from Prolom Banja. Djavolja varoš itself has two springs of incredibly corrosive water with high mineral substance.

Guests can visit the St Petka Church which is a landmark of the Nemanjić time of Serbia. It is worked with stone and covered with stone blocks.

The Lazarica Church

The Lazarica Church, 2,4 kilometers from the spa, is situated in the valley of the Prolom waterway close to the town of Prolom. It is an old church made of wood, worked by individuals that have settled here after they came from Mt. Golija in 1890. The congregation was raised on the underpinnings of an old church.

As per the prevalent view, a piece of Serbian armed force driven by Prince Lazar got a fellowship in this congregation just before the Battle of Kosovo.

Outstandingly great area and gentle mainland environment simply added to its now developing prevalence. Prolom Banja is plentiful in springs of thermal mineral water that arrive at temperatures of 26 to 31,5ºC and make various remedial impacts. This water has an extremely lovely taste and no smell, so it is packaged and as such prescribed to sound individuals too.

Prolom Banja offers something other than a spa in the travel industry. This is additionally a functioning sporting and outing objective.

Coordinated visits to Kuršumlija, St Petka Church, Lazarica Church, the remaining parts of the Roman regal castle Felix Romuliana and Djavolja varoš are available to guests whenever. Long strolls in pleasant nature will emphatically affect everybody anxious for unwinding and entertainment.

How to get to Prolom banja?

Assuming that you are coming to Serbia via vehicle from the bearing of Belgrade and Novi Sad, it is ideal to take the motorway to Niš, and afterward take the thruway over Prokuplje towards Kuršumlija (don’t turn towards the city), the whole way to Rudare, then go left to Prolom Banja which is 10 km from the turn.

From Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Niš there are immediate transport lines to Prolom Banja. On the off chance that you are going from another city, it is ideal to go to Kuršumlija and afterward take a nearby transport to the spa.

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