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The Best of Western Serbia

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With delightful nature, astonishing food and scenes that will blow your mind, western Serbia will handily advance toward your heart. We present you with the best of West Serbia.

Tara National park

House in The Drina Riverthe minimalistic home stands on an uncovered stone in the Drina River, close to the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia. The town lies in the valley of the Drina River at the eastern edge of Tara National Park. The excellence of the house was caught by Hungarian photographic artist Irene Becker in August. The image before long turned into a hit on the Internet. The house, in spite of having quite recently, found its new popularity, has been remaining in the stream for over 40 years.

The house was underlying 1968 by a gathering of young men who required a spot to sunbathe. As the stone was not the very most agreeable spot to rest, they brought a few sheets from a close by demolished shed. The next year the young men set up a rooftop and walls and a house emerged. To ship the materials they utilized boats and kayaks. Bigger parts were brought down into the water only a couple of miles upstream and afterward got at the stone. The house was almost annihilated a few times during flood, however, every time it was worked from the ground up.

Perucac lake – an artificial lake made by building a dam on the Drina, for the necessities of the hydroelectric plant “Bajina Bašta”. It has a surface of 12,4 km², a volume of 340.000 000 m³ of water, and it really depends on 60 meters down. It is 54 km long, and the base width of the lake is 150 meters, though the greatest is 1000 meters. It is arranged at an elevation of 290 meters. The longest piece of the lake is gorge molded, and it is encircled by incredibly steep stone cliffs and rock obstructs that jump upward into the water. The lake is in the regular twist of the gorge of the waterway Drina between Bajina Bašta and Višegrad, and it encompasses mountain Tara and its National park of Tara.

The washing season goes on for quite a long time (July and August). The ocean side in Perućac has barges with pools for youngsters. The region for swimming is lined by floats, lifeguards are available all the time on the coast or on the raft. There are likewise showers, sliders, plunging sheets, kayaks, and oar boats for leasing, boats, and an exquisite eatery. You can likewise appreciate boat riding around the lake. There used to be two boats with 60 seats, and they drifted through the gully of Drina from Višegrad to Perućac. Today, it is conceivable again to go on a boat in traveler boats, which is a genuine fascination.

Drina waterway – is perhaps of the most lovely stream in Serbia. In old times it was called Drinos and individuals named it Zelenika or Zelenka (Green in Serbian) after the shade of its water. It wanders through the pleasant rocky and plain districts of Bosnia and Serbia. On its banks are settled wide gorges with cultivable and occupied fields as well as steep banks of rough and gully type congested with willows, poplars, and short hedges. The most lovely and the greatest ravine in its course Drina engraved from Zepa to Klotijevac, 24km long. The length of its course from Scepan polje, where it begins from Piva and Tara to its mouth in the Sava is 340 km. The distinction in the level above ocean level between its spring and mouth is 358 km. Width of its course changes from 100-200m in Perucac and Zvornik to a 15m setup called Tijesno (Narrow). At Bajina Basta, 54,4 to 698 m3/s of water streams and water level is 34-356 cm. Water temperature is from 8,7-16,3 C. Shade of water is for the most part green and it is inferior in value.

Banjska rock (additionally Goat rock)– the greatest put on Mount Tara. You can partake in the fabulous all-encompassing perspective on the Lake Perućac Gorge and hydroelectric power plant Bajina Bašta from the perspective.

Sargan eight and Wooden town

The Wooden Town, likewise ordinarily alluded to as Küstendorf and Mecavnik, is a conventional town that the Serbian movie chief Emir Kusturica worked for his film by the name “Life is a Miracle”. It is situated close to National park “Tara”, 200 kilometers southwest of Serbia’s capital, Belgrade. Kusturica was the 2005 beneficiary of the Philippe Rotthier European Architecture grant and praise goes to Wooden Town. The Wooden Town has a library, named the Ivo Andrić Library; a craftsman display named Macola to pay tribute to the stone carver Dragan Jovićević (it was recently known as Anika, after a person from Ivo Andric’s fiction); Stanley Kubrick Cinema; the primary house which houses a film corridor in the cellar, a lounge, a visitor room, a shut yard, a pool, an exercise center, a sauna and confidential chambers for the Kusturica family; a games lobby; a café; a cake shop, as well as a trinket shop; lastly, a Church devoted to St. Sava, a Serbian Saint. The roads in the town bear the names of different people whoKusturica holds in high regard or views as and by critical: Nikola Tesla, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Diego Maradona, MiodragPetrovićČkalja, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman, Joe Strummer, Novak Đoković and obviously, Ivo Andrić, who the central avenue is named after.

The Sargan Eight is a tight-measure legacy rail line in Serbia, running from the town of Mokra Gora to the Šargan Vitasi station. An augmentation to Višegrad in the Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was done on August 28th, 2010. The previous East Bosnian rail line with a check of 760 mm (2 ft 5 15⁄16 in) was a significant piece of the previous tight measure fundamental line from Sarajevo to Belgrade and shut in 1974. Somewhere in the range of 1999 and 2003, the part over the Šargan pass was reconstructed by the Serbian Ministry of Tourism and the Yugoslav State Railway (presently the Serbian Railways), with gigantic assistance from Emir Kusturica. These days, voyagers get the opportunity to go on an astonishing train ride around the mountains in the Sargan Eight.

Uvac gully

Uvac lake – a stunning Special nature hold Uvac is perhaps of the most gorgeous spot in Serbia and a top objective for real essence darlings. Uvac stream shapes the three lakes (Uvac, Zlatar, and Radoinja) and we will visit one with the most lovely wanders, take a boat ride, and appreciate climbing to the post over the Uvac gulch – one of the most gorgeous in Serbia. This spot is likewise home to safeguarded bird species – the griffon vulture and we will undoubtedly see loads of these natural cleaners. Additionally, you will investigate the Ice cave and its wonderful underground rock formations.

Zlatibor mountain

Old town Sirogojno – Building abilities and inside help, as well as the approach to sorting out business and everyday existence of individuals in the sloping – uneven region of the Dinar locale, are introduced in 55 structures (of which 32 are in the long-lasting historical center display) which are migrated from mt Zlatibor’s towns.

Stopica Cave is made out of 5 units: the Light corridor, the Dark lobby, the Big lobby with tubs, the Canal, and the River trench. The vacationer some portion of the Cave has a few alluring components like a wide entry, ‘dugure’ – openings on the roof, a sipar curve ‘Canine’s burial ground’, a cascade ‘The wellspring of life, and a great deal of ‘bigren’ tubs.

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