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Things Old People Do for Fun

Though “fun” in the sense of “fun” may be the same for all people young and old, the definition of “fun” is certainly a matter of taste, experience, and maturity.

Though your idea of enjoyment can change drastically as you age but there aren’t many things that are not allowed to people who are in good health However the majority of older people desire an easier pace and social element to the things they engage in for fun.

Here are some great and fun things seniors can try.

Board Games

It is so easy to find games on the board to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to something that will please everyone, but suffice it to say, board games give seniors a reason to get with their friends to talk or just play! There are many word-play games, like Bananagrams or Scrabble that are common favorites as well as Monopoly or Scattergories that are fast-paced and centered on the strategy. It is recommended that you choose a game that has pieces that are simple for all players to grasp, even those with fine-motor impairments. Choose a game that all of your players will love (one that’s not difficult and not too easy for everyone who will be playing).


If you’ve never used an art pencil or paintbrush to make a work of art, it’s not too old to attempt. Many older people over the years have discovered hidden talents were not able to when they were young. Grandma Moses, for example, is a revolutionary artist after she started painting in her late 70s to express her life growing up on the farm. After a lifetime of art, Paul Cezanne didn’t have any art success until the 60s and 50s and the artist Bill Traylor started sketching when he began to become homeless at 85. He made over 1,000 works of art over his life.


There are many different activities, such as writing and art that require a well-seasoned or at the very least a mature eyes or voice to communicate something valuable to the wider world. Many well-known, extremely successful authors didn’t even begin their writing careers until they were in their 60s and beyond, therefore, if you’ve not tried to put pen to paper and write something down for other people to read, it’s fine.

Laura Ingalls Wilder is a famous author who didn’t write her tales in writing until she reached the age of 65 old. Frank McCourt didn’t record his memories of growing up as a poverty-stricken youth until he turned 66. If you have something to share with you, perhaps it’s time to get it out on paper. Just write it down for your own enjoyment, create a blog, or perhaps even publish your work.


As we age, our stamina declines, however it shouldn’t be a reason to hinder you from taking a hike and enjoying hiking and nature! Instead of pushing your body to its limit, you can set various goals, such as finding and identifying plants in the region you live in. If you reside in a part of the world that’s close to an animal reservoir or a state and national park you might think about finding quiet spots in the trails to sit down and observe wildlife. Natural settings can be a rewarding experience regardless of age. There’s really no reason to exhaust yourself to find ways to enjoy it!

Go to the Local Senior Center

Look up your local assisted living costa mesa center to learn about the kinds of entertainment choices available to patrons. The senior center is a great place to meet other people in your age group with similar interests. You may even choose to eat meals frequently for socializing or attending the scheduled events! In addition to fun activities, many senior centers also offer health screenings, as well as important resources to senior citizens in those communities that they serve. If you possess a particular skill like a nursing or nutrition certificate, you might be able to provide your expertise as a source of information to community members there. This could be a means which will help maintain your expertise and contribute something valuable to the community.

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