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Raska is a district situated in southwestern Serbia, among Kopaonik and Golija, on the waterways Ibar and Raska. This town is one of the areas that best save the Serbian practice and the soul of bygone eras. It contains significant social and verifiable landmarks and works outside, like the Gradac cloister and a phototype release of Miroslav’s Gospel. On account of that, this region is extremely appealing for sightseers and is visited consistently. Our site presents all the significant data about Raska and features the main subtleties of its traveler offer. Put together your excursion in the most ideal manner.

When to visit Raska?

Nikola Pasic once portrayed Raska as the spot where we were conceived. This town is situated at the conversion of the Ibar and the stream Raska. Because of its geological area, and because of its social and verifiable legacy, we can appropriately say that this is one of a handful of spots you can visit consistently.
Consistently – The wealth of the authentic legacy is one of the principal motivations to visit this region. Here the Serbian present-day Serbian state and church were established. The fundamental traveler area, aside from the colder time of year focuses, is surely Jošanička Banja. There is likewise a copy of Miroslav’s Gospel in Raska. These are a portion of the principal motivations to visit this modest community.
Throughout the colder time of year – If one city is fortunate to such an extent that it is verged on one side by Golija, on the other by Kopaonik plainly this is an optimal traveler objective in the colder time of year time of the year. Golija is great for novices, while Kopaonik is our biggest winter place of interest about which we shouldn’t spend a ton of words.

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How to get to Raska?

Because of its topographical position, Raska is all around associated with all significant urban communities in our country. The separation from Belgrade to Raska is 252 kilometers, Novi Sad is 320 kilometers away, Cacak 108, Kraljevo 82, and Novi Pazar 20 kilometers. You can get to Raska in more ways than one:
Via vehicle – The most straightforward way from Belgrade to Raska is the Ibar expressway. Further, one part of the expressway isolates towards Novi Pazar, and the other towards Kosovska Mitrovica. It will take you around 3 hours and a short way from Belgrade to Raska. If you plan on traveling by motorcycle, make sure you have your motorcycle gps tracker on at all times, it can really help you out.

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By transport – There are a few transport running day to day from Belgrade to Raska. Some of them go on towards Novi Pazar, however, each goes through Raska. Since they are coordinated by a few auto transporters, the costs fluctuate. You can purchase a one-way ticket for a normal of RSD 1,100, while the cost of a return ticket is RSD 1,700. Contact EKO car rental and you’ll arrive in Raska quickly and safely.
Via train – From the bearing of Kraljevo to Raska, you can likewise get via train. The cost of a one-way ticket is 310 RSD, while the movement time frame is somewhat longer than an hour and a half. Point by point plan can be tracked down on the page: Serbian Railways – schedule.

Exercises for sightseers in Raska

Assuming you like a functioning get-away, Raska is the ideal decision for you. On the domain of this district with the encompassing region, you can find exercises that will fulfill the flavor of even the greatest adrenaline fiends. We will specify a few exercises in the following couple of lines:
Endlessly climbing visits – Hiking visits through the biggest mountain place, Kopaonik, never leave anybody unconcerned. There are a few paths that are reasonable for the two fledglings and experienced mountaineering organizations. Some of them are Markov Kamen, Smokovska reka, Nebeske Stolice and Metodje. In the town of Rudnica there is a climbing trail Brezovik. The path is obviously set apart with signalization and sections from the existence of Saint Sava are composed on topical sheets. For climbing, you need tote bags in which you’ll pack the essentials.
Endlessly boating on the Ibar – If you need a remarkable experience and occasion that you will retell, we recommend you have a go at boating or boating on the Ibar. This is perhaps the most astonishing occasion you will insight during your visit to Raska.

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Outrageous games and adrenaline exercises – If you wind up on Kopaonik, paragliding is something you ought to attempt. Notwithstanding this tomfoolery, you can attempt a quad ride, and there are likewise climbing climbs. Tubing, bobsleigh, and zip-line are accessible. The primary zip-line in Serbia was set up on Kopaonik. For risky activities like these, be sure to bring a bleeding kit.
Health and Spa – outside and indoor pools, salt and ice rooms, jacuzzi, steam showers, and rubs are essential for the proposition that will loosen up you. You can partake in the health and spa program at one of the accompanying areas: Grand Hotel, Hotel Milmari, Hotel Klub A, Hotel Gray, Villa Mujen Luks, Apart Hotel Kraljev Čardak. Fast internet awaits you in these hotels thanks to fiber optic installation wayne pa.

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Sports program – in the region of Raska and its environmental elements you can appreciate rich games exercises, for example, cycling, b-ball, football, swimming in the city pool or water park, and there is likewise an outside rec center. There is also a rec center with an indoor football field and basketball court, the whole place is covered by a huge glass roof, done by roofing raleigh, which can help out the players and also gives the place a nice and clean look.
Skiing – The biggest ski community in our nation has more than 62 kilometers of trails, and there are three enlightened trails that are accessible for late evening skiing. The cost of a seven-day ski canine for grown-ups is 16,830 RSD, while for kids it is 10,870 RSD. A one-day ski pass for grown-ups is 3,300 RSD, while for kids it is 2,360 RSD, you can look up more details on their website which apart from having lots of information also has a great web design scottsdale.

Cafes – There are many vintage cafes in Raska you have to visit that will leave you speechless with their interior design and delicious drinks, Every cafe holds something interesting inside that visitors can see, and almost every cafe has a huge garden where people can enjoy the nature and drink their coffee under a misting system.

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Appearance and celebrations in Raska

Rich social and verifiable legacy, the nearness of places of interest, for example, Josanicka Banja and Kopaonik, impacts the way that in Raska there are countless travelers and conventional occasions that ought to be visited. Here are some of them:
Long periods of Milunka Savić – One of the best champions of the Balkan Wars and the First World War, Milunka Savić got her appearance. This occasion has a two-day character. The primary day is held in the House of Culture in Jošanička Banja and the second day in the town of Koprivnica before her origin.

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Raska otherworldly celebrations – This occasion comprises a few sections and the initial segment comprises the International Art Colony Jelena Anžujska. Countless pastors, authors, savants, craftsmen, and performers are partaking in this occasion. The second piece of the occasion is a traveler’s visit through the Valley of the Serbian Kings, which advances the whole vacationer expected on the domain of the region of Raska. Beginning in 2000, the Stefan Prvovenčani Award is given for an extraordinary commitment to Serbian culture.
Long stretches of Queen Jelena – This occasion is named after Jelena Anžujska, the spouse of King Uroš I. Through this occasion, the way of life, history, and custom of the Raska district are introduced. There are film screenings, workmanship shows, shows, studios, and youngsters’ programs. Sovereign Jelena’s days are held in the single iron doors of the Gradac cloister.
Blueberry Days – Lovers of nature and timberland items accumulate somewhat recently in July, and contend in collecting and getting ready blueberry items. Incredible awards have accommodated the champs of this occasion.
Boletus Days – Boletus Days are hung on Kopaonik toward the start of September. Nature sweethearts can contend in planning culinary claims to fame from mushrooms. At the end service of this occasion, the heaviest mushroom of Kopaonik is broadcasted.
Trail Race and three sides of Kopaonik – Both occasions happen in July. The trail race is gone through uneven scenes and members can pick a 15-kilometer race or a 7-kilometer race. 3 sides of Kopaonik is a bike race through the extraordinary scenes of the Kopaonik National Park. You can likewise decide to race 22, 46, or 64 kilometers.
Serbian Trophy – Serbian Trophy is a contest of field groups through the practically blocked and wild scenes of Kopaonik. There are three classes in this race, and among them is a traveler course where anybody can be found and watch the conflicts in different classes. This occasion is held each November.
Enduro Raska – Adrenaline sweethearts will actually want to partake in an exceptional bike rally that happens in the area of Golija and Kopaonik. After a decent drive, you will actually want to attempt the conventional gastronomic fortes of this area.
Kopaonik Summer – During July and August, guests to Kopaonik will actually want to partake in a rich social and imaginative program. Countless shows, theater exhibitions, and content for kids are coordinated, which is superb evidence that the proposal for vacationers throughout the late spring is astonishing.

What to see in Raska?

In Raska, there are an enormous number of excursion regions, strict structures, and social and verifiable sights that you ought to visit on the off chance that you wind up in this unassuming community. There is even a best white label SEO company. We will show a portion of the areas that should be found on your traveler course:
Trip destinations – In the quick area of the Gradac cloister, there is the Očna Banja journey site, known for its water source, which is reasonable for the treatment of eye sicknesses. The outing region is flawlessly enriched and it likewise contains offices for kids like slides and swings. For that reason, you will constantly see an enormous number of families here. Just 9 kilometers from Raska close to the religious community of Stara Pavlica is the excursion region Izvorak. Water from four springs streams into the trench in which this cookout region is found. The Festival of Original Serbian Songs and the Festival of Sermons and Toasts are held at this site.

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